Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Second NC Poll Day

The relaxed....

The queued up.....

The seniors after my failure at an attempt to get them in front of the queue....

The day dawned bright and sunny after days of rain and being a superstitious fool I took that to be a good omen and assumed that everything was going to go smoothly today. Lucky for me my superstition held and everything indeed went well. Voters were lined up when I reached my first polling station and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people. Amongst the familiar faces I saw a lot of new faces that I didn’t recognize and assumed that these were the ones who took the trouble to drive in from other Dzongkhags.

Most people were relaxed and chatting away while waiting for their turn to vote and nobody appeared to be apprehensive or fretful. The only problem was that when I asked a few people who were ahead in the queue to let the old people go in front they wouldn’t listen which was not only rude but extremely sad to witness. I mean have they never heard of humanity or what!

By the time we got to the other polling stations at Yemina and Khachupangkha, the voters had already come and gone because of there being only 111 and 67 voters respectively. At least we were able to observe a few voters at Yemina but sadly none at Khachupangkha. It was extremely satisfying to observe that everything was going without a hitch (I knew the bright blue sky after days of rain meant something good :P)

After getting back home we had to wait eagerly for the results to be declared for hours and now that that has been done with I can finally go to sleep. I guess all that’s left to do is hope that I and all the other voters don’t have to shoot ourselves for the choices that we have made. So good luck to all of us who have voted and hope that all the elected NC candidates will try their hardest to make a difference in all of our lives. Cheers!


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great job honey.


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