Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Safe Shore

It’s raining and it makes me sad
Or maybe it’s raining because I am sad
A storm is approaching
I look for shelter
I cannot and suddenly I am sinking

I swim, trying to win against the waves
Kicking, moving, fighting
It’s hard but something drives me to push
A call from a safe shore
A memory that beckons me home

Tired, I can’t swim anymore
My body, my heart, my very soul
Everything seems to be giving out
Everything fades
It was just me against all else

I can’t stop the rain
And I can’t stop the waves
My last ounce of hope is fading
So I let myself drown
But something doesn't let me

A voice
A ray of sun struggling to get through
It fills me, giving me strength
I remember where I must go  
I remember my safe shore
I remember ….. YOU 


Sherab Tenzin Dorji said...

You remember him when you're in rain/storm and everything turns against you?....just kidding..nice poem madam..:D

one request...can you remove that word verification part? it's sth which many commentors won't like to see la..

Tshering Peldon said...

I dont remember him when I am in trouble. He is what keeps me going through my worst days. He and my daughter. I wrote this poem for them. Although to call this a poem may be an insult to the word poem.

I dint understand what u wanted me to remove. Can u be more clear. Thank you though for your comment and for reading.


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