Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The week that was...

Just got back after attending training on Community Based Disaster Risk Management Planning in Punakha, for a week. Right after I got back, I had to attend the common forum for Khailo and Yemina Chiwog and then the coordination meeting at Gasa. So it has been a hectic week and to top that off it has been an extremely busy day at the office today. Tired!, is the word I’d use to describe my week.

But it has also been an interesting week with a lot of new knowledge and skills gained. The training in Punakha was all learning by doing so it was an activity after the other or a presentation after the other. With the heat in Punakha it was the only thing that kept us all from dozing off. We ended the training with lots of promises to deliver and so that means a lot of work has to be done. But all things said and done NA Elections comes first and all else will have to wait I guess.

Holding on despite the rain!

Due to lack of space we had to conduct the common forum at Yemina in open ground. Guess what? It rained. It wasn’t like we could postpone the campaign and so we carried on under umbrellas. The people seemed restless but despite that the candidates gave their best and maybe that was all we could ask for. The common forum to be covered by the BBS has been scheduled for the 19th, so that will give the people a better chance to listen to the candidates with no worries of getting wet.   

Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Safe Shore

It’s raining and it makes me sad
Or maybe it’s raining because I am sad
A storm is approaching
I look for shelter
I cannot and suddenly I am sinking

I swim, trying to win against the waves
Kicking, moving, fighting
It’s hard but something drives me to push
A call from a safe shore
A memory that beckons me home

Tired, I can’t swim anymore
My body, my heart, my very soul
Everything seems to be giving out
Everything fades
It was just me against all else

I can’t stop the rain
And I can’t stop the waves
My last ounce of hope is fading
So I let myself drown
But something doesn't let me

A voice
A ray of sun struggling to get through
It fills me, giving me strength
I remember where I must go  
I remember my safe shore
I remember ….. YOU