Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Months with no electricity

Well, Hello again! After months with no electricity (in this century-believe it or not) it is refreshing to be here in Paro surrounded by bright lights and hot shower and internet and all the perks that come with having power supply.

The power went down during the flood and landslides that happened in Gasa in mid June and we are still living without it. But still I thank god that at least the road has been restored. We were without that for months also! Shocking, I know but what can I say. I wonder how fast these would have been restored if it had been another Dzongkhag like Punakha or Paro or the Capital. But I guess its understandable-its boring, economically unbeneficial, remote and useless Gasa after all!

My nostrils have been acting like chimneys for the fumes from the numerous candles we have burnt trying to brighten our dark nights and now I feel like my brain is clouded with soot. In my desperation I have even written a love poem for electricity:

I never knew how much you made my life easier
Whether at work or home(computers and kitchen appliances)
How you warmed my life(with the heaters)
And brightened up my darkest nights(with bulbs and tube lights)
How you never failed to entertain me every time I was bored(with TV and internet)
And filled my world with music(literally)
Being without you has made me realize
How much you really mean to me
I will never take you for granted I promise
Please come back for I miss you so......electricity!

Am I going crazy? I wonder! I have written a love poem for ELECTRICITY for god's sake. Hmmm...maybe I should visit the psychiatric ward. Of course it would make me happy if they decided to keep me there because at least I will be with my love(Hey! I'm not talking about a deranged man in there- I'm only talking about the power) Sigh...I am not looking forward to going back. Can you imagine that - no light, no computer, no internet, no TV, no washing machines, no hot water and the water up there so freaking cold. My hands are all cracked from washing clothes and doing the dishes but don't worry I'm not stinky. I have a bukhari after all.  

That's why I haven't been able write for so long. My sanity might be slowly coming back because I'm finally back in the civilization. Although it might also mean that they might not keep me in the psychiatric ward after all!