Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Of transfers and whatnots!

It feels good to be able to blog again. It's the one place where I can share everything, my place of extreme bliss!!

I am now at Tashigang, so far away from Gasa and still working as a GAO (hopefully!). I was transferred here in February of this year upon request as my husband Sonam is working in Khaling under Tashigang Dzongkhag.

When I requested for my transfer I was hoping I would also be placed in Khaling because that is what the new Government had promised- to place husband and wife together. But sadly upon reaching here I was instead sent to a place called Kangpara which is quite far from Khaling. I will give you two good reasons I shouldn't be sent there: first, I have already served in a remote place called GASA and secondly, MY FAMILY IS IN KHALING!! Hmmmm, I wonder which part of that they don't understand!

Sadly they have chosen to turn a deaf ear to my pleas and so I am sharing my tales of woe with you. Thank you broad band connection. (Secretly I am hoping that someone from the stupid Government will read this but psst don't tell them I wrote it ;))


Norbu Wangdi said...

Mam I do join with you to share your sentiments. If that is the reward after having served in remote place of place that is not fair in any way. I understand your emotion of being away from your Sonam. Anyway mam take things positively and be optimist about it. Sooner or later you will be placed with your loving family.

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