Wednesday, 19 November 2014

I miss you ...

We all know, the person who will love us unconditionally, despite all our faults and quirks, is our mother. And the person we love in return, the most, is our mother. 

I am unlucky because all I got was just sixteen measly years with her. And I miss her everyday. But some days I miss her with an ache that feels like my heart  is being ripped out of my body. And today is one of those days. 

She was a stern woman and sometimes, when we were bad, she would spank the hell out of us, but like all mothers she had a heart of gold and a smile that could light up the world. Most days I sit and wonder how different my life would have been had she been here. One thing I know for sure, her presence would have made it better no matter what. 

A girl's first love may be her dad, but a child's true love will forever be their mother. And if I were granted three wishes, I would wish for her to be here, I would wish for her to be here and I would wish for her to be here.....

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Waste management is an issue that is constantly being raised and discussed. Which is of course as it should be. In an age where our environment is being driven to the brink of extinction, every issue that leads to its preservation should be taken in all seriousness. 

Every time I think about waste management the three Rs immediately comes to my mind- reduce, reuse and recycle. And I don't think there are many who don't know about it. 

You know who doesn't know about it? The people living in the the rural areas of our country. Forget about three Rs, they  wouldn't have any idea about even one. But there is no one who puts it into practice more than them. They buy a bottle of juice, the juice finishes but the bottle is used till there's a hole in it. Even then I have seen it being used with a patch in it. They always carry a bag when they are off shopping which reduces the use of plastic bags. The plastic that comes off of a package, that will be used till there's nothing left of it. Only the recycling part is not done and we all know why. 

But what about the educated lot, who know all about waste management, all about the three Rs. How many of us actually put it into practice? I think the most wastes come from the cities, where the educated reside. It may be time for us to think whether the problem is because of the population or if it's in the mindset. This is my way of saying it is possible to pave a way forward with out actions, one person at a time. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sersung - A little girl

This is Sersung Selden. A pretty name for a pretty little girl. I met her at Mongar referral hospital, where my father was undergoing herniography. I will tell you why she touched my heart. 

She is three years old but she is unlike any three year old I have ever met. Forget about walking or even sitting, her tiny shoulders can't even support the weight of her head. And it's not a birth defect as you would assume. 

When she was born, she was a super healthy baby weighing 5.2 kilos. And because she weighed so much, it was an extremely difficult birth. In fact it came to a point where either the mother or the child could only be saved. The nurses assumed that it would be better for the mother to live rather than the child and she was extracted from her mother with force, which shattered her collar bones. 

Would this have happened if she had been in a medically advanced country? The answer is simple: NO! Whose fault is it that a perfectly normal child wouldn't ever walk, run, dance, play...... It makes me so mad that these things are happening in our country but more than that because of the fact that I can't do anything about it. 

She never cries. She just lies there watching and cooing and smiling. It's amazing because she's such a happy child that you can't help but smile with her. But it also brought tears to my eyes watching her lie there knowing that her life could have been perfect. 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Of transfers and whatnots!

It feels good to be able to blog again. It's the one place where I can share everything, my place of extreme bliss!!

I am now at Tashigang, so far away from Gasa and still working as a GAO (hopefully!). I was transferred here in February of this year upon request as my husband Sonam is working in Khaling under Tashigang Dzongkhag.

When I requested for my transfer I was hoping I would also be placed in Khaling because that is what the new Government had promised- to place husband and wife together. But sadly upon reaching here I was instead sent to a place called Kangpara which is quite far from Khaling. I will give you two good reasons I shouldn't be sent there: first, I have already served in a remote place called GASA and secondly, MY FAMILY IS IN KHALING!! Hmmmm, I wonder which part of that they don't understand!

Sadly they have chosen to turn a deaf ear to my pleas and so I am sharing my tales of woe with you. Thank you broad band connection. (Secretly I am hoping that someone from the stupid Government will read this but psst don't tell them I wrote it ;))

Thursday, 25 July 2013

What a hassle!

I needed to send some money to my dear husband in India who is due to return very soon and so I asked my sister in law to do the necessary. After going to the Bank she calls me saying that the Bank is refusing to send the money due to the rupee crisis. They had asked her to get a statement from his University with a copy of his student ID card.

I called my husband and asked him to send the documents. Again my sister in law goes to the Bank to sent the money, this time equipped with the necessary documents. Guess what the Bank said! They said they can't send the money. I mean SERIOUSLY! Do they thing this is a joke or what! People take a lot of trouble to carry  out their stupid things just to be disappointed in the end.

But this is not the end of it. Then the Bank asked her to write an application and put it up to the Manager, which she did and then the Manager tells her that they can only send the money if we have the approval from RMA. Well, wouldn't it have been easier to just tell us that in the first place instead of harassing us so much. And so we were able to send the money after three days of hard work and it was seriously no thanks to the Bank!