Monday, 30 April 2012

I am only human

All of us have priorities in our lives. I have always thought happiness to be my first priority and it still is but sometimes I wonder if I was sick would I be happy. So shouldn’t health be my first priority. If there was no peace here would I be happy. I don’t know. But I am not sick (at least for now) and I am in a peaceful country so for now my priority is still happiness. But for someone living in a country fraught with war, their first priority might be peace. For someone living in a prison, their first priority might be freedom. And for someone who is sick, their first priority might be health. It all depends on each of our lives, how we might choose what is most important for us.

But oftentimes we take things that we have for granted, things that have always been there, things that we have always been able to do so there has never been a reason to think about them.  I have never thought about being able to walk, to talk, to write and I have never been grateful for being able to do these. Instead I have wasted endless hours wishing for things I didn’t have, things that wouldn’t necessarily bring me happiness. And I believe that is what most of us do, we wish for a bigger car when there are people who just want to be able to walk. We waste piles of money buying things just to show other people (who don’t even care about you) that you are fancy when there are thousands who don’t have enough for one meal also. Most of us, we waste half of our lives wishing for luxuries which when we finally achieve does nothing but leaves us wanting even more.

I guess that’s why we are here, still a long way from enlightenment. I wish I could stop wishing for more. I realize it’s wrong, I realize I am being greedy because I already have so much but I am only human…J


sonam dorjit said...
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sonam dorjit said...

i would love to die rich in your love. That is my priority.

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