Monday, 22 April 2013

Countdown to Second NC Election

The view from in front of my house - gloomy!

It’s been a busy busy few weeks prior to the second NC elections with candidate selection Zomdues, coordination of the common forum campaigns, finalizing the e-rolls, monitoring the polling stations and what not. I have been receiving calls after another because someone needs to monitor the polling station construction, because someone cannot find the keys to some place, because someone’s phone is switched off and they really need to contact that person, etc., etc., etc. Now there’s just a day left for the actual election and am hoping that everything will go smoothly.

It has been raining nonstop for days now and I am really worried not only about the road conditions but also about the voter turnout if the weather continues this way. Preparation wise I think we are on schedule, hopefully (fingers crossed). I know we have the eyes of the whole world on us this year as we carry out the second parliamentary elections and how important it is for everything to be perfect.

There are three candidates contesting from Gasa, Sangay Khandu, the former NC candidate, Yeshi Dorj, a former teacher and Guide and Tenzin who was a GAO like me. There is a battle in opinion about who would be a better candidate between young candidates who are interested and wants to make a difference and experienced ones. Some say one is better and some say the other, you know how it goes! But who’s to say! I guess we will just have to wait and watch. And maybe shoot ourselves in case the candidate of our choice turns out to be completely useless :D.

Whatever said and done, everything is complete and all that’s left to say is, “May the best man win”.


sonam said...

Hello Tshering, nice going through your blog. Knew that you were more of words than sound:).
keep writing.

Tshering Peldon said...

Thank you Sonam. I love ur blogs also. Great going!

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