Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Facilitation - a new skill

I am currently in Paro, co-facilitating a BRIDGE(Building Resources In Democracy, Governance and Elections)  workshop at Tashi Namgay Resort. Yesterday was the first day and it was a bit intimidating at first facing 31 adults, who work for the ECB while I, who works as a GAO, am trying to teach them something about election and that is also with Brian and Beatrice watching my every move. I am sure they could tell that I was a nervous wreck during the introduction and that did nothing to boost my morale either.

My nerves got calmer as the day progressed and after sometime I was doing fine(at least I hoped so....:)) But we have a very quiet group of 16 females and 16 males this time. At first I worried that it was me, thinking that maybe I was not clear enough or that I was not doing it in an interesting manner but they were the same when Brian and Beatrice and Tashi did their presentations also. I guess they were a bit shy since it was the first day yesterday and today they were a bit more responsive, they just needed a little push. We weren't getting any volunteers so we just got some people to do things and they did them quite well - I guess they are just not the voluntary type.

The two days have been hectic with early mornings and late nights, preparing presentations and trying out different ways because we don't have very outspoken participants. There's a lot of skills and preparation involved here and I don't know how the teachers do it day in and day out(no wonder my husband complained so much - it IS a lot of hard work). Tashi and I will be busy the whole morning tomorrow with the 'First Past the Post' mock election. Sigh....it's going to be another hectic morning and although three more co-facilitators will be joining us, they are just driving in from Thimphu in the morning so they won't have any preparation time. That just leaves us then.

All things said, it has been a very good learning experience for me and I am glad I got this opportunity. Hopefully I can become a workshop facilitator soon, then an accrediting facilitator and finally an expert facilitator. Its just wishful thinking, but hey, who knows! So keep your fingers crossed for me!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I shall write for you

I am Tshering. Married to a handsome husband with a beautiful daughter. I have always been interested in writing something, anything, but never had the confidence to do so. Oftentimes I would write, but my so called articles were fated to end up in the dustbin because I never had the confidence to either show it someone or get them published somewhere. So till now my relationship with my writing has been one of getting it out of my mind and onto a paper which ultimately went to the garbage.

My dear husband always had more confidence in me and has always encouraged me to write. This blog was also his idea and he has been pestering me to write for ages now. He is currently in Gujarat doing his Masters and every evening when I call him he asks me if I had written something on my blog (So much so that I can even hear him in my dreams). I have been making up excuses till now, and finally, since I am really running out of excuses, I am attempting to write something. I have no idea what I am writing but when I call Sonam in the evening and when he asks me that question, I can finally say, "Yes, I have written something".

I guess since this is my first, I will just write a little bit about everything. Umm...lets see, I have talked about my family a bit, so now, I should say a little bit about my work. I work In Gasa as a GAO and we were the first ever to fill this position. As is our Government's policy, we were sent to the Gewogs with no idea of what we were supposed to do, no terms of reference and with a lot of nonsense fed to us about how "important" we were. So in 2007, I came to Damji and went to office only to find it locked without a soul around and only trees for company. Its almost been five years to that day and a lot of things have changed now. The trees, for instance, have relatively thinned, and a lot of infrastructures have come up. There's always one person or another standing around so you don't feel like you are the only person on the planet anymore. Yet, I wonder if I have made a difference or after five years of living here and working here and giving it your everything, I leave and nobody would notice. Or if people will remember me for something that I have done. I guess I can only wonder.

With nothing else coming to my mind I think I will sign off here. I am too tempted to delete the whole thing but I don't want to go through the whole process of being questioned and making excuses so I will let this one be. At least I am confident that ONE person, that is my hubby darling, will read it, so with that satisfaction I will have written something...today. Thank you Sonam for making this dream of mine come true also. If not for anything else, I shall write for you......