Thursday, 30 October 2014


Waste management is an issue that is constantly being raised and discussed. Which is of course as it should be. In an age where our environment is being driven to the brink of extinction, every issue that leads to its preservation should be taken in all seriousness. 

Every time I think about waste management the three Rs immediately comes to my mind- reduce, reuse and recycle. And I don't think there are many who don't know about it. 

You know who doesn't know about it? The people living in the the rural areas of our country. Forget about three Rs, they  wouldn't have any idea about even one. But there is no one who puts it into practice more than them. They buy a bottle of juice, the juice finishes but the bottle is used till there's a hole in it. Even then I have seen it being used with a patch in it. They always carry a bag when they are off shopping which reduces the use of plastic bags. The plastic that comes off of a package, that will be used till there's nothing left of it. Only the recycling part is not done and we all know why. 

But what about the educated lot, who know all about waste management, all about the three Rs. How many of us actually put it into practice? I think the most wastes come from the cities, where the educated reside. It may be time for us to think whether the problem is because of the population or if it's in the mindset. This is my way of saying it is possible to pave a way forward with out actions, one person at a time.