Friday, 11 May 2012

On the third of May, we had to attend a meeting at Gasa to discuss the Key resource areas for the Gewogs and Dzongkhags for the 11th FYP. It was raining like everything depended on it and the road was so bad my legs had turned to jelly by the time I reached Gasa. And then there was no electricity due to some landslides for a WEEK. It’s amazing how dependent we are on it, cooking, entertainment and even work.  I thought I was going to go crazy after sometime because I had nothing to do, literally. So I went to the school library, got a book that i had already read and read it again. Even with a sparsity, both in numbers as well as choice in reading materials, the library does help a lot in a remote place like Damji.

When I went to Gasa again yesterday to attend a meeting with the auditor general the road was much better, all credits going to the fact that there has been no rain after the last horrible downpour. Although I wouldn’t necessarily call my journey anywhere near pleasant, I was fortunate enough to see a wild Takin on the way.  It was just standing by the road looking well fed and healthy, just taking in the morning fresh air or enjoying the view I think ;)   I would have loved to take a photograph and upload it here but neither did I have a camera nor do I have the expertise to upload it on my blog.

If we ever cared to look around there are lots of things to see and enjoy in Gasa. But everybody spend all their time, myself included, complaining about the rain and the road and the leeches etc., that we ever really take the time to look around. Just the ‘green’ is a sight during summer, then there is the wildlife-varieties of beautifully colored birds, Takins, wild dogs(which might not necessarily be good but…), deer and the occasional bear. If you love wildlife and don’t mind trekking then Gasa is the place for you and who knows you just might get a peek at the very rare snow leopard and red panda, which Gasa is said to be the home of, if you are lucky. I don’t know how I went from my unpleasant ramblings about my everyday nothings to promoting tourism but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t know what you are writing... hehehe

Of late, my habit of writing something down and then discarding it later has started again so today I just decided to type it directly to prevent that. Why I do that is beyond my understanding and control. Anyways I will sign off now because I really have a problem with when and how I should end my write ups. Ciao till the next time.


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